Mr. Wondu Bekele Woldemariam, Executive Director of our society is nominated by the World Health Organization as one of the six World No Tobacco Day 2020 awards – winners for the Africa region. This award like many of its preceding, indicative & recognition of strong teamwork at MWECS. With Wondu’s leadership, our society has supported the passage of one of the strongest & toughest laws on tobacco, alcohol and etc. in Africa & played a leading role in the enactment of strong excise tax on tobacco, alcohol, etc. and at present implementing two projects on tobacco control.


We would like to thank all involved and participated in their tireless advocacy in the lead up to this historical stage. This process has highlighted once again the enormous power of a united tobacco control community. From the global to the local level, we have united behind a common strategy and made our voices heard loud and clear.


We are grateful to every single person and organization that showed the courage to step up and given of themselves. We are especially thankful to our sponsors and supporters, without whom we would not be able to support our tobacco control effort; to our general assembly members and board of directors for their productive guidance & leadership, to our volunteers with their relentless energy and selfless giving; to our staffs for their outstanding contribution & who carry our name with dignity and pride; and to our beneficiaries, survivors and caregivers for showing us the way.


Every year, WHO recognizes individuals or organizations in each of the six WHO Regions for their accomplishments in the area of tobacco control. This recognition takes the form of the WHO Director-General Special Recognition Award and the World No Tobacco Day Awards.


Dr Mom Kong, Executive Director, Cambodia Movement for Health, Cambodia

African Region awardees.

Mr Wondu Bekele Woldemariam, Executive Director, Mathiwos Wondu-YeEthiopia Cancer Society, Ethiopia;

Ms Rachel Kitonyo Devotsu, Regional Coordinator for Africa, McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer, Kenya;

Mr Aboubacar Hamidou, Secrétaire administratif, Réseau de Lutte contre le Tabac et autres Stupéfiants (RELUTAS), Mali;

Mr Deowan Mohee, NGO VISA, Mauritius;

Pr Kumako Vinyo Kodzo, Chef du programme national de lutte contre le tabac, Ministère de la santé et de l’hygiène publique, Togo;

Ms Robinah Kaitiritimba, Executive Director, Uganda National Health Users’/Consumers’ Organization, Uganda;


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