Available evidences indicate breast cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers in Ethiopia among women and account for 30.2% registered cases in the country. Vitally considering the growing breast cancer burden in Ethiopia MWECS established partnership with The DEAR Foundation (TDF) to overcome this leading cancer burden. Thus, the Organization received a one year pilot project support and signed a project agreement and MOU with key stakeholders and implementing health facilities (hospitals and health centers). The project is intended to reduce breast cancer mortality and increase the survival of breast cancer patients through early screening, referral and treatment in East Shewa Zone of Oromia Region. The project is primarily targeting illiterate women who are living in remote and rural part. The project will enhance community awareness using Self breast examination and primary health care providers with clinical breast examination to detect and refer suspected cases.

Therefore, MWECS is very grateful for the financial and technical support of The DEAR Foundation  to implement this one pilot project. The total project cost is 138,000 USD and TDF will allocated 115,000USD while MWECS will match with 23,000USD.