Civil Engineering students of Unity University visited Mathiwos Wondu-Ye Ethiopia Cancer Society & donated 1,000Birr on behalf of Adem, who lost his life due to blood cancer a year ago. Adem classmate of the group & he was supposed to be graduating this year with them.

On their visit, the students clarified that they were here today to honor their friend Adem & to see the activities that the society is doing and to aware the community in recognize the very good works that the organization is performing.

They also reminded the community that supporting and caring cancer patients should be the responsibility of every citizen; and therefore, everyone as a human-being must stand together to control the disease.

Having explained the purpose of the society, Mr. Wondu Bekele, executive director of the society, noted that MWECS supporting cancer patients coming from different areas of our country and are responsible and provide them with medical, food, shelter and transportation supports.
Finally, the students pass their word, “we see that the Society is doing a number of wonderful activities, so we are responsible to promote the good works to the community, and we shall also be at the forefront of creating awareness.

We human beings are not born to live on this earth forever; life may at times seem very long, but it is in fact very short and expensive to waste. We believe that we will meet our loved ones again when our time on this earth is finished. We came to realize that forming a cancer society and trying to help our fellow cancer patients in whatever way we can and challenge the growing burden of cancer here in Ethiopia would be one of the best ways to remember Mathy & our loved ones. And to thank God for all the opportunities He gave us to help our loved ones in every way humanly possible, leaving the rest to the will of God!